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The UTEP Forensics Program offers both a University scholarship, the Billie W. Etheridge Debate Scholarship, and Forensic Service Scholarship awards to its students.  All students enrolled in Forensics Practicums 2201 and 2202 are encouraged to submit applications for financial aid each semester.  Financial assistance is awarded in compliance with stated University and Forensics Program policies and after consultation between instructors.  UTEP Forensics offers equal opportunities to all students. 

To apply for assistance:

(1)      Write a letter of application for aid addressed to Dr. Mary Trejo, Director of Forensics, UTEP.

(2)      Include a resume or list of achievements, both in forensics and other areas.

(3)      Include all college transcripts; if you are a first-term freshman, high school transcripts are required.

(4)      Fill out and include the UTEP Forensics Program Service Award Documentation Form.

(5)      Also remember: if you submit formal applications to the UTEP Scholarship Office for any scholarship, or any applications to the Office of Student Financial Aid, you should include photocopies of these applications in your application to Dr. Trejo.

(6)      Application for the B.W. Debate Scholarship includes following procedures of the UTEP Scholarship Office.

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