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Each long semester the Director of Forensics rewards outstanding and highly meritorious service with cash merit awards.  The amount of each individual award is determined according to each student's service in the categories of participation listed below.  As the primary emphasis of the UTEP Forensics Program is academic, success in intercollegiate competition, while commendable, is neither the singular nor a necessary basis for a service award.  In addition to the categories listed here, students are evaluated in terms of their level of commitment, cooperation and teamwork, and excellence.  The final evaluation of the student's participation in these areas as well as the categories listed below and the determination of all awards is the responsibility of the Director of Forensics.


This form covers contributions for one long semester.  When applicable, Summer school performance may be cited and covered as well.  Space has been provided to allow sufficient detailing in the documentation of service to the UTEP Forensics Program; it is important to explain meritorious service as fully as possible.  Be sure to answer each category in detail, even when the information seems obvious, or when the discretionary judgment of the Director of Forensics is invoked.  Typed submission of this form in conformance to announced deadlines is mandatory for all students enrolled in UTEP Forensics classes.



SEMESTER AND YEAR COVERED:____________________________________________


NAME AND STUDENT NUMBER:_____________________________________________



         Maintaining an exemplary grade point average of at least 3.00 per semester.



               Exemplary participation, including but not limited to good attendance, timely submission of assignments, volunteering for duties.


               Service as student mentor (peer tutoring, assigned by the Director; list all details: who was tutored, what event(s), where, when, number of hours for each tutoring session.


               Enrollment and participation in both Debate and Individual Events.

                 Exemplary tournament participation (i.e., entering four or more events, entering debate and two or more I.E. events, watching all debate rounds if entered in I.E., or vice versa).

               Advancing beyond preliminary rounds in two or more tournaments.


         Winning trophies and/or honors (list in chronological order, stating tournament, date, event, ranking).


         Local performances or lectures (i.e., UTEP Forensic shows, on or off campus lectures or performances representing UTEP Forensics; list in detail, including type and length of performance, location and date, nature and size of audience, and preparation time when applicable).


         Judging at speech tournaments (include this category only if the Director has approved this activity as part of your educational growth in a UTEP Forensics class).


         Service as Team Captain; detail work performed, accomplishments.


         Work for Forensics Director (must be assigned by Director; list in detail, including type of work, location, date, and hours worked).


         Other Service to UTEP Forensics Program.


         Overall contribution to the UTEP Forensics Program (include a detailed list of your contributions; cite categories listed earlier).


         Debate:  Exemplary research and preparation (Director's discretion).


         Extemporaneous Speaking:  Exemplary research and preparation (Director's discretion).


               Quality of preparation/performance and overall contribution to UTEP Forensics Program

(Director's discretion).

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