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Forensics training at UTEP is an outstanding educational experience that benefits the student, the university, and the community.  The enduring legacy of forensics training in Debate, Public Speaking and Oral Interpretation of Literature is the ability to conceptualize and communicate ideas clearly, effectively, and with lasting resonance.  The rigorous academic emphasis of forensics training serves the student and the university because it complements that offered in other academic programs and helps to produce better educated students who are more likely to succeed in undergraduate and graduate university studies in all fields.

Further, the contribution of an academically oriented and rigorously ethical forensics program to its sponsoring university lies also in its enhancement of the good reputation of that institution, for intercollegiate forensic competition is unique in that it provides a traditional and well recognized medium for measurement and comparison of a university's academic excellence.  Forensics tournaments, which may be likened to classroom laboratory experiences in communication, have the virtue of being public events, with a great potential for generating positive publicity for the university. 

The impact of forensic training on UTEP students is both positive and powerful.  Forensics is often a route to better grades, increased motivation for success, and refinement of skills for success in college; a majority of our students go on to graduate school or other advanced training.  Forensics training serves not only our campus but also the community in that it is an historic and recognized pathway to success in business and in public life.  It is an important goal of the UTEP Forensics Program to prepare its students in
the best way possible to become the fine future teachers, administrators, and leaders who will empower the local, national, and world communities in years to come.

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