University of Texas at El Paso
The University Women's Club
Duties of the Officers    

Shall appoint all Standing Committees and any other committees she may deem necessary. She will preside at all University Women’s Club meetings and board meetings. She shall perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to the office. She shall be ex-officio member of all standing committees and other committees.

Vice President:

Shall in the absence of the president assume the duties pertaining to the office. She will assume the responsibility of sponsoring a Newscomer’s Group each year. She will ask for a list of newcomers each year from the Human Resource Services Office, coordinate a coffee for the newcomers if there is to be one, make sure that all newcomers are invited to the Membership Brunch and arrange for rides if needed, possibly working with the Telephone Chairwoman. Arrange for Past Presidents to pour at the Membership Brunch. Should the presidency become vacant, the term of office shall be completed by the vice president. Other offices becoming vacant shall be filled by persons appointed by the president and approved by the board. She will works with the treasurer to collect dues and to collect an accurate membership list. She will be responsible for maintaining this list (marking with an asterisk the names of past presidents) and distributing it. 

Shall keep a record of the minutes of each University Women’s Club general membership meeting, and each board meeting. She shall attend to all correspondence of the club under the supervision of the president. 

Shall receive all funds, make all deposits, collect all dues and keep an accurate list of dues paid. She shall present a statement of accounts at all board meetings and each general membership meeting whenever business is transacted.

Immediate Past President:
Will help the vice president coordinate the Newcomers function, if any is held.

Newsletter Chair:
Collects all information for the newsletter three or four weeks before the Membership Brunch, Winter Holiday Party and Installation Luncheon. She will have the newsletter printed and distributed to the entire campus about two weeks prior to each of these events. All other issues of the newsletter are distributed to members only about two weeks prior to major scheduled events. 

Social/Hospitality Chair:
Coordinates the Membership Brunch, the Winter Holiday Party, the Installation Luncheon and other functions decided upon by the board. She greets guests with name tags for all functions, keeps a record of the number in attendance at each event, purchases corsages for functions at the president’s request, and provides flowers for the centerpiece at each luncheon, if needed. The social/hospitality chair must provide sign-up sheets at the Membership Brunch for those interesting in joining University Women’s Club interest groups. The chair keeps a master list of all interest groups and follows up with interest group chairwomen to ensure that all members signed up have paid their dues.

Publicity Chair:
Ensures that all events are placed in local and campus newspapers, and also promotes events to local broadcast media.

Telephone Chair:
Will call one person (a member or past member if possible) in every department of the university and ask her to call each woman faculty and staff member and the wives of faculty and staff in her department (or her husband’s department) to personally invite them to the Membership Brunch. (The newsletter will be distributed about two weeks prior to the brunch; phone calls should be made about one week prior to the event.) The telephone chair will also coordinate telephoning for other events throughout the year. 

Takes pictures at all functions and keeps the photo albums up-to-date. She also brings the albums to all general meetings if possible.

Nominating Chair:

Easter Egg Hunt Chair:
Is responsible for organizing the University Women’s Club annual Easter Egg Hunt. The chair works closely with various departments on campus to ensure a fun filled day such as the UTEP Day Care and Facility Services. In addition, the chair oversees publicity, collects donations, coordinates volunteers and directs the event. (click here for a detailed list of duties)

Secret Santa Chair:

Civic Projects Chair:

Correspondence Chair:

Website Chair:

2007-08 Officers    

Dr. Diana Natalicio
Honorary President

Melanie Thomas

Kim Keeton-Pettit 
Vice President

Monica Gilliland 

Sonya Villa-Saenz
Treasurer & Membership

Espi Candelaria 
Past President
Committee Chairs


Espi Candelaria

Peggy LeMone

Laura Trejo


Easter Egg Hunt

Monica Gilliland
Secret Santa

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