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Fall 2008
10th.Philosophy Club Overview. Introduction to the club’s dynamics. Semester agenda. Introduction to some basic philosophical questions.
17th. Logic, Alejandra Olivas-Davila
24th. Political Philosophy, Chris Bailey
1st. Philosophy of Science, Oscar Acosta
8th. Philosophy of Education, Marie DeBillie
15th. Metaphysics, Crisol Escobedo
22nd. Ethics, Rick Rivera, Luis Diaz, Joe Bernal
29th. Epistemology, Alejandra Olivas-Davila
5th. Philosophy of Religion (In Defense of Atheism), Pablo Zavala
12th. Philosophy of Mind, Richard Samples
19th. Last meeting. Applying to Graduate School, Esther Rosario

We meet
every Wednesday at 5pm in PSYC bldg 105

Fall 2007
Sept. 20th: discussion on Thomas Nagel's "What is it like to be a bat?" (The Philosophical Review, 1974). Officers are presented and a brief outline of what the club is will be given as well.
Oct. 11th: movie - 'I heart huckabees' and a discussion to follow.
Oct. 24th:
"The Relativity of Human Rights" with Dr. Ferret, Dr. Simon, and Dr. Wren. Union Bldg East, 3rd floor, University Suite, 7:00pm. Pictures here.
 Nov. 1st:
Ms. Patricia Smith - "The Relational Dialectics Perspective in Personal Relationships" @ 4pm
Nov. 8th: Dr. Bruce Louden - "Philosophy in the Odyssey"
Nov. 27th: Dr. Ferret presents on emergence

Spring 2007
Feb.7th: movie - "solaris"
Feb. 14th: meeting cancelled
Feb. 21st: Alexis de Saint-Ours, University of Paris 8, "Simondon's Philosophy of Individuation:
At the Juncture of Bachelard’s Relationism and Bergson’s Duration" (click here for more pictures)
February 28th: informal meeting
March 7th: Chris Whalin, On IRT
March 14th: SPRING BREAK, no meeting
March 21st: cancelled
March 28th:
Alejandra Gomez, M.A. Philosophy, Texas A&M "The Need for New Philosophical Trails" (click here for more info)
April 4th: cancelled
April 11th: Dr. John Symons and Dr. Juan Ferret on graduate school @ 11:30am in the Ray room (309, Union East Building).
April 18th: movie - "Dogville"
April 25th: cancelled
May 2nd: cancelled

Every event takes place in the same place as the meetings (Cotton 207) unless otherwise noted.
If you would like to make a presentation to the philosophy club, please just email us and we'll gladly schedule you.