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Institute for Recruitment of Teachers - this is an organization at the Philips Andover Academy that helps undergraduate student in various disciplines, i.e, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, education, or computer science, with their process to apply to graduate school. Once accepted, you can get help with your Statements of Purpose and they also duplicate the supporting material provided by you to your selected consortium schools. Their requirements are an application, 3 letters of recommendation, a sample paper of 20 pages maximum, resume/cv, 2 essays (with their topics provided), and official transcripts.

Ethics Bowl - this is an event which takes place every Fall. It's a debate on, as the name implies, ethics.          
It takes place at the Illinois Institute of Technology to which students from all over the country can attend. We plan on going there every fall. We need a group of 3-5 people.

This page has rankings of Universities all over the world regarding philosophy, information and data concerning admission to these universities, and the scoop on the job placement after graduation.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy - this is a 3-week seminar intended for advanced undergraduate students. From the page itself:
The course is highly intensive, meeting five times a week for three weeks, for three hours a day, with a further student-led discussion session in the evenings. The readings will be dense and difficult, and students will be expected to participate extensively. Several papers will be required. Preference will be given to students with significant background in philosophy who have not yet applied to graduate school.

Housing Approximately: $400                             
Tuition: $650

Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy - This is a seven-day program to which up to 15 students are selected and given a $250 stipend. Application materials and info can be found in the page.