University of Texas at El Paso
Philosophy Club
Guest Speaker: Alejandra Gomez Minimize    

Alejandra Gomez's short yet concise paper was read to the attendees on Wednesday at 5:30pm. The members constituting the audience were not many; nonetheless, the attention offered by them was undivided. The title, The Need for New Philosophical Trails, is self-explanatory in elucidating what Alejandra thinks we need to do as philosophers. We need not only talk about ideas, but go beyond that and actually try show people how it really does apply to real life. In other words, the exclusivist position that some philosophers tend to take in keeping their ideas and activities to themselves, quickly proves untenable.

In the discussion that followed, which lasted about the same or more as the actual reading of the paper, the ideas of Jose Ingerios quickly sneaked into the conversation. He not only analyzed the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson, explained Alejandra, but incorporated it into his own to give fruit to some of his own ideas.

After a few questions and comments here and there, the meeting finally concluded about an hour after it had started, at 6:30pm.