University of Texas at El Paso
University of Texas at El Paso - Indian Students Association
After you get here    


Upon your arrival at UTEP


  1. RELAX!!
    • Set up all your belongings in your apartment.
    • If possible go around your neighborhood and check out the nearest grocery store, salon etc. Get familiarize with the landmarks nearby.
    • It is ideal if you arrive on weekends (Friday through Sunday) since the school is closed (on Saturdays and Sundays) and it is possible to see these places at your own leisure
  2. On a weekday (Monday through Friday) visit the Office of International Programs (OIP) at Union West along with your

§         Passport with the I-94 slip

§         Form I-20

§         Admission Letter

  1. Fill up a blue form there. The officials will take a copy of your documents for their records. Once that is done, ask for a letter from the OIP that is to be produced at the SSN office. For this you will have to submit your I-20 at the front desk and collect it along with the letter sometime later that day.
  2. Once you obtain the letter, ask one of the ISA officials/ your friends to take you to the SSN office in downtown El Paso.
  3. Take the abovementioned documents ALONG WITH THE LETTER to the SSN office. Here you fill up an application form and then queue up. The official will ask for the necessary documents, give you a receipt and tell you the number of days you will receive your card in. The SSN card arrives anytime in between 1 and 4 weeks.
  4. Go and meet your faculty. Check out your department (and others of course!) and go around the campus.
  5. Get your Miner Gold card (ID) issued in the Records office. You get it on the spot. It has to be on you all the time while you are in the US.
  6. Speak to your grad advisor about what courses you need to take (including pre-requisites and co-requisites), their content, lab facilities, reference material etc.
  7. Go to the bank and open your account (Wells Fargo, a popular choice, is the closest to the campus). Get a checking and savings A/C. Checking is more important as all the transactions are done through this. Savings does fetch you some negligible interest though! Ask the banker for any student offers etc. Usually in order to open an a/c the bank staff asks for the SSN. But tell them that you are a new student and have applied for it. Don’t forget to carry the abovementioned documents to the bank to get you’re A/C. Opening an A/C is not a problem at all.
  8. Once your SSN card arrives do the following:

§         Go to the records office to change your address to the local address so that the university corresponds with you at that address.

§         Replace your @ XXXXXXXX number with your SSN (though the former can still be used but ONLY within the university).

§         Go to the bank and give them your SSN.


Note: Don’t forget to sign your SSN card and keep it in a secure place. It is your identity here.


The advising and registration details can be provided by your advisor.


If you have any queries/difficulties contact the ISA committee or its members.


All the Best!!

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