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University of Texas at El Paso - Indian Students Association

You could enter United States through many International Airports. Our suggestion is that you use one these airports as a port of entry:


George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston)

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Harbor International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport


From these airports there are plenty of flights that come into El Paso International Airport. If you think you would like to enter through a different port of entry, that’s fine too. Just make sure you don’t hop around …. It’s not a good feeling especially when you’re coming from India


Some major airlines that operate to El Paso International Airport are:


Continental Airlines (Houston Hub)

Southwest Airlines (Dallas Hub)

America West (Phoenix Hub)

United Airlines (Denver & Chicago)

American Airlines (Dallas Hub)


ISA offers free airport pick-up for new students:


Email the following information to:  or to any of the committee members mentioned here.

1) Full Name

2) Email Address
3) Department and Degree (Ex: Electrical Engineering, Masters or Chemical Engineering, Doctorate etc.,)
4) Hometown (Ex: Delhi)
5) Arrival Date (Ex: Dec 20th 2006)
6) Arrival Time (3:00pm or 15:00)
7) Flight No. (AA 1616)
8) Contact person in India (Permanent Address and Phone no) - This person will be contacted if we are not able to reach you at the airport or there is no word from you.

(Please make sure that you mention Airport Pickup in your subject)

If Somebody doesnt turn up...    

  1. FIRST..Dont Panic.
  2. Understand that students are voluntering to pick you up. So they may be caught up some where due to traffic or may have even forgotten. ISA will take the best of the efforts to pick up every new student who has sent the itenary well before time.
  3. Wait in the airpot for at least half an hour.
  4. ALWAYS have some quarters (25 cents) in your wallet to make some emergency phone calls. It costs 50 cents to make a local call.
  5. Note down the following numbers for emergency purposes:
      • Indian Students Association: 408-537-3153 (Sudheer) or 915-356-4932 (Anoop) [If no body picks up, please dont forget to leave some message]
      • Office of International Programs: 915-747-5664
      • UTEP Help Desk: 915-747-5000
  6. We also advice you to have at least 40 dollars for a cab. There are many cab operators at the airport and the airport officials are more than willing to help.
  7. Dont Worry, Cabs are not like Taxis in India. They wont Cheat :)
  8. Note down the following route information from the airport to UTEP, in case you are coming by cab:
      • Exit El Paso International Airport to Airway Blvd.
      • Travel south approximately 2 mi. to I-10 west
      • Take the I-10W onramp
      • Merge on I-10W
      • Travel approx. 8 miles
      • Take exit 18A, Schuster Ave.
      • Continue access road to Sun Bowl Dr.
      • Continue on Sun Bowl Dr.
      • Turn right on W. University Ave.
Map Directions Minimize    

Please print these important directions you will need to get around El Paso if no one shows up at the Airport.

1) Direction from El Paso Airport to Chandu's House - map - Address-601 W Yandell Dr, Apt 16, El Paso, Texas - 79902

If not found then talk to any Indian around and they will help you for sure.