University of Texas at El Paso
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Important things to be done prior to your arrival at UTEP


Things to remember:


  1. Carry a copy of your syllabus along to waive off certain pre-requisites in case you feel you have covered substantial portions of it in your undergrad. It is not necessary that all pre-requisites will be waived off, especially core courses. Pre-requisites are waived off after consulting the concerned professor and the graduate advisor.
  2. Get you degree certificate or provisional degree certificate (for students arriving prior to graduation), to remove holds from the Graduate School.
  3. Make sure to specify your food preference on your flight. This is done while you book your tickets.
  4. An international driving permit (IDP) is a handy thing to have.
  5. It is advisable to get your eye and dental check-up done in India itself. It’s expensive here and moreover, it is not covered in your regular insurance. Carry extra pairs of glasses. It’s good to get a TB test done because here Indians usually test positive and also the cost factor.
  6. You could carry US$ in the form of cash, DD, travelers checks.


What to Get and What Not?


  1. It’s advisable to carry a big pressure cooker since it can also be used as a regular cooking pan. It is particularly useful if you are going to live with 2 or more roommates.
  2. You could get along some masala powders, pickles etc. You could even carry some pulses etc. The Indian grocery store has most of the grocery that’s regularly required although Wal-Mart is a popular choice with students. You wouldn’t want to carry too many eatables/perishable items in order to avoid having a rough time with the US Customs.
  3. Clothes are washed in Laundromats (maybe once in 15 days) so get clothes that would these washing conditions.
  4. Get at least 15 to 20 sets of under garments, socks (usually you get better ones here but you can get some to get started).
  5. You wouldn't require warm clothes as it’s usually warm here except for 2 - 3 months in winter. It is good to have thermals in case you take off to the north for your winter break.
  6. Getting a good alarm clock will be a valuable asset.
  7. You could get basic stationery for initial use. Do not carry paper punches. The US follows the three-hole system for filing papers.
  8. Get a good pair of sneakers for initial use. You could buy more if you need, after you get here.
  9. Do not get along any electronic items since supply voltages aren’t compatible.
  10. Get all leather accessories from home.
  11. Get some medicines that you think would be useful or any common health problems that you have. You could get some basic medicines for headache, stomachache, indigestion, fever etc.
  12. You could get along some Indian music cassettes etc that you enjoy.
  13. Please get along any good movie DVD's and the ISA can play them for everyone here free of cost in the UTEP Union Theater.


Baggage specifications:

  1. Box specifications: (As an example the Air India economy class baggage specifications to the USA are listed clearly here
  2. Put a copy of the documents (i.e. your passport, I-20) you are carrying in each piece of your luggage.
  3. Do not carry any sharp things along with you as they are usually detected as weapons. You could carry your portable CD player, camera on you if you like. These items are checked thoroughly at the port of entry but don’t create any problems.


What should I bring from INDIA?


  1. Books are the first priority. The recommended list of books is mentioned on this site. Please check against your department for details. The courses are always subject to change or cancellation. You could ask the concerned faculty or the departmental contacts for more information regarding this.
  2. You are advised to have the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) injection, and get a certificate if possible for all the vaccinations you had when you were a child. Hepatitis-B vaccinations are also advised, but it takes 3 injections over 6 months. Consult your doctor on all this.
  3. Medicines are pretty expensive here. Do get some medicines from home, especially if you have some known problem. Get proper prescription for those medicines you bring along. It’s very important as you might be asked at the airport and plus try and get a small note as to what medicine to take for what illness.
  4. These are the general requirements. Some important items are missing or are inadequately specified. Hence, personal discretion is highly recommended.