University of Texas at El Paso
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The BSU standing committees shall consist of the following:
a.   Events Committee
       i. To plan, organize, and execute cultural, educational and social events which promote  African-American/Black culture and engage
          those interested in African- American/Black culture.
b. Community Service Committee
      i. To develop and maintain a visible/positive presence for BSU in the El Paso community.
c. Finance/Fundraising Committee
      i. To work collaboratively with the Treasurer and Events Committee to generate funds in order to support the various BSU programs
        and events.
d. Public Relations Committee
     i. To develop a positive communication line among African-American/Black UTEP students and staff and other UTEP  organizations.
    ii. To serves as the means by which all BSU publicity is distributed to the campus community.
   iii. To assist the Public Relations Officer in their duties.