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The best place to attempt to obtain funding is of course, your own department. Funding in your own department can be of two basic types, viz. RA (research Assistant) and TA (Teaching Assistant) and stipend. All these funding assure in-state tuition fees, based on the current university regulations. Arriving in the US in advance (say 2 weeks prior to commencement of school) is a good idea. This gives you a chance to get acquainted with the professors of your department.




Well, these jobs are of course ON-CAMPUS 19 hours/week jobs only!!! As known to everyone, it is illegal to work off-campus. There are various places within the university campus, where you can find 19 hour/week jobs. Pays for these jobs range anywhere between USD 5.4 to USD 10 per hour. So, relax, even if you don’t get funding, a 19 hour job in the school will take care of your monthly expenses. The steps to hunt for a 19 hour job are pretty simple:

  • Get a UTEP campus map
  • Make plenty of copies of your resume
  • Talk to students, who already have 19 hour jobs and try to get some tips.
  • Start visiting locations where there are vacancies available
  • Collect business cards of all the personnel you meet
  • Rigorously follow-up after the first visit if you feel that there is a chance of being recruited. Do not bug people with numerous phone calls and voice mails.
  • Be ready to walk a lot!!!!


Hot locations for a 19 hour job


  1. Union café
  2. UGLC
  3. LACIT
  4. CALC lab
  5. Ticketing centre (it’s a long walk!!)
  6. ATLAS lab
  7. Library (TLC and LTC)

To know what these acronyms stand for, you need to be admitted to UTEP and then find out!!!! Good luck with the job hunt!!