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Media Coverage & Commentary on the Process

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In a process that will last several years, the Texas State Board of Education

  1. first revised the standards (completed 8/2010) and will then uses them as a blueprint to
  2. adopt new textbooks (ongoing),
  3. design new standardized tests, and
  4. update the criteria for educator certification.

Media outlets from around the world have covered the revision process

Part I: Revising the Standards (TEKS)

Early Drafts and Debates (Jan-Dec 2009)

The Process Begins


César Chávez: To Remove or Not? (July-September 2009)


Christmas: To Remove or Not? (September 2009)


Trouble in the 11th Grade U.S. History (since Reconstruction) Committee


International Coverage (Jan-Dec 2009)


The First Public Hearing (January 2010)

Hispanics Lacking in the TEKS, say Hispanic Lawmakers


Religion and the Founding Fathers


The Hearing (January 12-15, 2010)


The Second Public Hearing (March 2010)

The 2010 Primary Elections (March 3, 2010)


The Hearing and Adoption Vote (March 10-12, 2010)


Calls to Delay Final Adoption of/Seek Expert Opinion on the Proposed Changes

Early Calls


From the Texas State Legislature


Historians Call for Delay of Vote


From Public Schools


Calls Not to Delay Final Adoption of the Proposed Changes


The Final Public Hearing (May 2010)

Clergy, Religious Freedom, Separation of Church and State


Last-Minute Statements


The Hearing (May 19-21)


Reactions, Spin, and Parting Shots


Final Draft Released (June 2010)

Initial Reactions



Survey of Public Opinion


New Board of Education Could Fix It - Elections in November


New Governor could Fix It - Election in November


Can the Legislature Do Anything?


Local Resistance


National Standards


Give Away Free Books


California v. Texas


Maryland v. Texas


Pressure to Rewrite



From the Fordham Institute


From the State Legislature


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