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District 1A2
District: 1A2
Areas of Representation:

District 1B

Charlie Flores
District: 1B
Areas of Representation:
African American Studies
Alter Teach Cert Program
Art Department
Chicano Studies
Col of Education Dean's Office
College of Education
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
Ct for Inter-Amer Border Stud
Ct for Rsch on Educ Reform
Ctr for Law & Border Studies
Dinner Theatre
Educ Psychology and Spec Svcs
Intelligence and Natl Sec Stud
Leadership Studies
Sociology and Anthropology
Teacher Education
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-8773
office: Academic Technologies
email: jcflores@utep.edu
District 1D1
RepresentativeChris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez
District: 1D1
Areas of Representation:
Clinical Lab Science
Col of Hlth Sci Dean's Office
College of Health Science
Department of Public Health
Nursing Dean's Office
Occupational Therapy
Rehabilitation Sciences
School of Nursing
Social Work
Speech Language Pathology
Student Health Services
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-6952
office: Extended University
email: chrisnr@utep.edu
District 1D2
Representative Maria I. Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
District: 1D2
Areas of Representation:
Col of Lib Arts Dean's Office
College of Liberal Arts
Language and Linguistics
Military Science
Political Science
Public Administration
Theatre & Dance
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-5809
office: College of Liberal Arts
email: macontreras@utep.edu
District 1E
Representative Sylvia Gonzalez
Sylvia Gonzalez
District: 1E
Areas of Representation:
Biological Sciences
Border Biomedical Research Ctr
College of Science Dean's Offi
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-6982
office: Lab Animal Resources Ctr
email: segonzalez@utep.edu
District 1F
District: 1F
Areas of Representation:

District 2A
Representative Marcy Najera
Marcy Najera
District: 2A
Areas of Representation:
Equal Opportunity
Human Resources
Institutional Compliance
Miner Athletic Advising Center
University Communications
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-7931
office: Human Resources
email: mnajera4@utep.edu
District 3
Representative Shane Fitzpatrick
Shane Fitzpatrick
District: 3
Areas of Representation:
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-5225
office: Intercollegiate Athletics
email: sgfitzpatcick@utep.edu
District 4A
Representative Michael Morales
Michael Morales
District: 4A
Areas of Representation:
Academic Technologies
Technology Support
Telecomm Infrastructure
VP for Inform Resourc & Plan
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-7710
office: Technology Support
email: mmorales17@utep.edu
District 4B
Representative Ana L. Diaz
Ana L. Diaz
Areas of Representation:
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-6239
office: English
email: aldiaz3@utep.edu

District 5A
Representative Itzel Rivera Plauchu
Itzel Rivera
District: 5A
Areas of Representation:
Center for Civic Engagement
COURI-Campus Office of Undergr
Ctr for Effective Teach & Lear
Development English
Development Math
Entering Student Program
Extended University
Graduate School
Honors Program
International Programs Office
Provost and VPAA
Undergraduate Studies
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-6952
office: Extended University
email: irivera5@utep.edu
District 5B
Representative Lorraine Sanchez
Lorraine Sanchez
District: 5B
Areas of Representation:
Advancement Services
Continuing Education - P3
Ctr for Institut Eval & Plan
Executive Vice President
VP for Inst Asset Man/Develop
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-5555
office: President's Office
District 6
Representative Ana L. Diaz
Ana L. Diaz
District: 6
Areas of Representation:

Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-6239
office: English
email: aldiaz3@utep.edu
District 7
Representative Cory Brown
Cory Brown
District: 7
Areas of Representation:
Contracts & Grants Accounting
Ctr for Environ Resource Mgmt
Ctr. Law and Human Behav
Cyber Share
Laboratory Animal Resources Ct
Ofc of Rsch and Spon Proj
Offc of Tech Commercialization
Vice President for Research
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-5732
office: Ofc of Rsch and Spon Proj
email: cjbrown5@utep.edu
District 8A
Representative Liliana Lara
Liliana Lara
District: 8A
Areas of Representation:
Miner Gold Card
Special Events
Special Facilities Mgmt
Ticket Center
University Towers
VP for Business Affairs
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-5197
office: Contracts & Grants Accounting
email: lmlara4@utep.edu
District 8B
Representative Isela Cruncleton
Isela Cruncleton
District: 8B
Areas of Representation:
Accounting and Business Svcs
Budget Office
Environmental Health & Safety
Financial Services
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-5109
office: Budget Office
email: icruncleton@utep.edu
District 8C

Rene Lopez
District: 8C
Areas of Representation:
Facilities Services
Planning & Construction
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-7104
office: Facilities Services
email: rlopez29@utep.edu
District 9A
Representative Laura Ortega
Laura Ortega
District: 9A
Areas of Representation:
AVP for Outreach & Student Acc
AVP For Student Success
AVP for Student Support
Ctr. for Accomod & Supp Svc.
New Student Orientation
Office of Student Conduct & Co
Outreach Programs
Recreational Sports
Residence Life
Student Support Svcs Program
Union Services
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-5076
office: AVP For Student Success
email: lmortega@utep.edu

District 9B
Representative Jessica Rios
Jessica Rios
District: 9B
Areas of Representation:
AVP for Student Engage/Dean
ES-Technical Services
Financial Aid
Military Services
Student Business Services
Student Counseling
Student Engage & Leadership Ct
Student Government Association
Student Life Programs
Student Publications
Study Abroad Prog
University Career Center
VP Student Affairs
Contact Info:
phone: (915) 747-5664
office: International Programs Office
email: jarios2@utep.edu

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