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UTEP Staff Council - Bylaws

Section III. Officers & Duties

Section 3.01 Titleof Officers

The officers ofthe Council shall be Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary,Parliamentarian, Historian, and Ex Officio.

Section 3.02Duties

(a) Chairperson

The Chairpersonshall preside at all meetings of the Council and chair the Executive Committee;abide by the stated rules of order when conducting meetings; refer all matterssubmitted for the Council’s attention to the appropriate committee(s) and /orto the President; maintain and update a calendar of events relevant to theCouncil for the coming year; responsible for constructing and disseminating anagenda for Executive Council and general council meetings; prepare a writtenannual report of the past year’s activities and progress and make it availableto all members of the Council and the President prior to the August meeting;serve as ex-officio member of all Council committees; serve as Councilrepresentative at most official functions, including Administrative Forum,Commencement, etc.)  and serve as liaisonto the President, both keeping the President informed regarding concerns of theCouncil and seeking the President’s support and advice on the behalf of theCouncil.

(b) ViceChairperson

The ViceChairperson shall preside over the Council in the absence of the Chairperson orin the event the Chairperson requests the Vice Chairperson to serve during thecourse of a meeting; assist the Chairperson in performing leadershipresponsibilities; accept names of persons interested in serving on standingcommittees and make appointments on the basis of the person’s preference wherepossible or, in the absence of volunteers, make the necessary appointments tocommittees in consultation with the Executive Committee; make appointments tofill regularly occurring vacancies on committees in consultation with theExecutive Committee; call a meeting of any committee that is not fulfilling itsresponsibilities; and make and distribute yearly, immediately followingappointments, a list of Council committees and their members to all Councilmembers.

(c) Treasurer

The Treasurer willbe responsible for recording and maintaining the financial aspects of Councilfunction to include the annual reports and Council’s Textbook Scholarshipfunds.

(d) Secretary

The Secretary willbe responsible for recording the minutes of each Executive and General Council meetings,distributing the minutes to representatives at least five (5) working daysbefore each scheduled meeting of the Council; record, collect, receive, andmaintain at a central location minutes of Executive and General council meetings;reserve location for Executive and General Council meetings; notify Executiveand General council members of meeting dates and locations.


The council Parliamentarianwill ensure that the Chairperson or presiding officer abides by the statedrules of order during meetings and serve as a resource to Council officers andmembership regarding the rules and usage of the stated rules of order and thetraining of all members in parliamentary procedure. The Parliamentarian shallalso form and oversea a committee that will review and /or create allamendments to the bylaws; resolutions; and any legislative media for thecouncil to act upon.

(f) Historian

The Historian willact as public relation officer within the University community; prepare andmaintain a historical record of the Council, including purpose and objective;maintain a pictorial record of Council members; and maintain a pictorial andwritten record of important Council functions or events. The historical recordwill be kept in the official Council Album and deposited with the Council’sofficial records in the Special Collections section of the UTEP Library.

(g) Ex-Officio

In the interest ofcontinuity in the Council’s work, immediately following a Chairperson’s term ofoffice, the vacating Chairperson shall become an Ex-Officio for one year to actin an advisory capacity to the Council and the Executive Committee. Unlessre-elected as a representative, or completing a term as an electedrepresentative, the Past Chairperson shall be a non-voting member of theCouncil.

Section 3.03Election

The Elections committeeshall coordinate and validate all elections of officers. The followingofficers-Chair-elect, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, andthe Historian- shall be nominated by Staff Council in the July meeting of eachyear and elected at the August meeting of each year and assume duties onSeptember 1st of each year. Should the nominee’s term expire by August 31st ofthat year and the nominee not be elected to Council for the next year thenhis/her nomination will be withdrawn. If there are no nominees for an officerseat, then the Chair may appoint an interim officer until an official electioncan be held. The election date will be decided by the Executive Committee. Asimple majority of the quorum present and voting is required for election.

Section 3.04 Termsof Office

The term for theChair and Vice Chair shall be two years to allow time for agenda items to berealized systematically. The term of office for the remaining council officersshall be one year. A representative shall not hold more than one office at atime, and no representative shall be eligible to serve more than twoconsecutive terms in the same office. However, a representative who assumes anunexpired term for less than six months may be elected for two full consecutiveterms.

Section 3.05Unexpired Terms

In the event thatthe Chairperson is unable to complete the elected term of office, the ViceChairperson shall assume the vacant office for the length of the unexpiredterm. In the event that the Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer,Parliamentarian, or Historian becomes vacant, a special election shall be heldby the Chairperson in order to fill the vacant office for the remainder of theterm by a simple majority vote of the quorum present and voting. Such electionsmaybe held at any regular meeting of the Council.

Section 3.06Transfer of Records

Current Councilbusiness shall be transferred from outgoing officers to incoming officers.Official records of the Council are subject to the Open Records Act and will bemade available for inspection upon request. The Executive Committee shallinsure the past records of the Council are maintained according to the UTEPRecords Retention Policy, and permanent storage will be in the SpecialCollections section of the UTEP Library.

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