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UTEP Staff Council - Bylaws

Section VI. Meetings 

Section 6.01Regular Meetings 

Regular Meetingsof the Council will be held monthly during the year which shall be theUniversity’s fiscal year. An agenda will be sent to all representatives atleast three (3) working days prior to the meeting. If the Chairperson andExecutive Committee have no new agenda items or proposals, they reserve theright not to hold a meeting but must notify the Council. 

Section 6.02Special Meetings 

Special Meetingsof the Council may be called by the Chairperson or upon petition of twentypercent of the membership of the Council. Ten (10) working days notice shouldbe given of any special meeting except in an emergency situation, in which a 24hour notice will be provided to ensure a quorum of council members will bepresent. Only business specified in the call of the special meeting may beconducted at such a meeting. 

Section 6.03Annual Member Orientation

Mandatoryattendance is required by all elected members of the Council and will beconsidered a regular meeting.


Section 6.04 StaffForum 

A Staff Forum may beheld annually at the Council’s discretion. All eligible staff members of theUniversity will be invited and encouraged to attend. The President of theUniversity will be invited as guest speaker to the Staff Forum, if theirpresence is necessary. The purpose of the forum will be to share commoninterests and concerns, to pose questions, and to provide the President anopportunity to share information with staff. 

Section 6.05Quorum Required 

Neither theCouncil nor a committee will conduct business without a quorum. A simplemajority of the membership constitutes a quorum to conduct Council business orbusiness of a committee. Motions may be passed by a simple majority of thequorum present and voting. 

Section 6.06 FloorPrivileges 

Proposals,measures, and resolutions will be introduced on the Council floor by members ofthe Council. Requests to bring matters before the Council will be submitted inwriting and should be forwarded to the Chair 24 hours prior to the regularmeeting. Persons who are not members of the Council may be granted the right tospeak, but not vote, on matters before the Council. The Chairperson will pollthe Council for objections. If objections are raised, the request may only begranted by majority vote of the Council. 

Section 6.07Vote 

Only electedCouncil members may vote. A vote can be cast in person, via conference call,teleconference, or any other electronic means from which a record can be made.In circumstances where the Chairperson deems it too close to determinemajority, a roll call vote may be used. Some issues may require ballots, whichagain can be captured via the aforementioned methods. 

Section 6.08Agenda 

Meetings of theCouncil will have an agenda that includes the time and place of the meeting,the order of business, and copies of any substantive proposals. The ExecutiveCommittee shall set the agenda. Items may be added to the agenda at themeeting, if approved by the majority of the members present and voting. The agendawill be published in English and in Spanish and posted in areasavailable to all eligible staff members. The Executive Committee will receiveproposals for Council action or other presentations to the Council from anycommittee of the Council, from any member of the Council, from individual staffemployees, or from the President or designee; refer all substantive proposalsfor Council action to appropriate committees for review prior to placing themon the agenda unless the Executive Committee is prepared to deal with an issueand present it to the Council; include on the agenda of a regular meeting assoon as practical all items presented from various sources; set the agenda sothat the business can be disposed of in a meeting of reasonable duration; and advisethe Council of the apparent need for a special meeting. 

(a) Order ofBusiness 

The order ofbusiness for meetings will be as set forth in the agenda, except that the orderof business may be altered by an action approved in the meeting. The order ofbusiness will be: 

(i) Call toOrder 

(ii) Rollcall 

(iii) Approval ofPrevious Meeting’s Minutes 

(iv) ExecutiveReports 

(v) CommitteeReports 

(vi) OldBusiness 

(vii) NewBusiness 

(viii)Miscellaneous (comments, announcements, tributes, etc.) 


Section 6.08 OpenMeetings 

All meetings ofStaff Council and its committees shall be open to all eligible staffmembers. 



Section 6.10Minutes 

The minutes of themeetings will be open to inspection. A summary of the minutes shall be made availableto all eligible staff members.

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